"I really love attending events by Hometown Vendors. They are careful to have only one of each direct sales company and they are very organized. Sarah and Jenn will patiently answer all questions to make sure that new vendors are comfortable. Attending a Hometown Vendors event is like attending a party!" 



"It is sincerely a pleasure doing business with Hometown Vendors, LLC.   There is a large and diverse mix of venue types and locations within their show portfolio - truly something for every vendor.  Shows are promoted well in advance of the event date.  Tools such as social media links and flyers are provided early on so the vendors can promote the shows within their own businesses. Sarah and Jenn's communication with their vendors is always timely and comprehensive.  They do an outstanding job of organizing and managing each event.  I appreciate that each show is well organized so there is no chaos and no surprises the morning of the show.  The gals are quite personable as well!  All of these things attract the high-quality vendors which, in turn, boosts show traffic. And, of course, better attendance equates to increased sales for the vendors.  I would highly recommend Hometown Vendors without reservation!"  

- Kerrin

"Sarah & Jenn have nothing but love for all the vendors. They make their events so much fun. I enjoy doing events with them because I always have a good time. Thank you both for all you do. Love this group."

I am a new DS rep and I booked my first show with Hometown Vendors. My first event with them, I was late (I was lost...stupid GPS) very nervous and had no idea what to expect. As soon as I walked in I was greeted so warmly by the ladies and personally showed to the area I was to work. They continued to check on me throughout the event and were quick to introduce me to other vendors. By the end of the night I had a new understanding of the vendor community and was so happy to be a part of something so positive. Hometown Vendors are so professional at what they do, I will book any event with them again and again! Keep em coming ladies!!


My daughter Jennifer and I hooked up with Hometown Vendors a few years ago and we've never gone with anyone else. Jenn and Sarah have this remarkable bond amongst themselves as well as with their crafters and vendors. I'm thrilled to have hooked up with them and I'm sticking with these rising stars!!

-The Angel Lady

Hometown Vendors LLC is a fabulous organization to work with!  Their events are held at a variety of locations, have a lot of foot traffic, are well organized, and heavily advertised.  Hometown Vendors LLC is the direct seller and crafters dream show planners!  Jenn and Sarah are extremely friendly, fair, and helpful from the beginning of booking an event right up until the event is tearing down.  I always have a great time at every event I participate in. 


 I learned about Hometown Vendors last year when I started selling Usborne Books. I have been nothing but pleased with how sweet the ladies are and easy to work with! They do a great job keeping us informed of events and following up with contracts. I am so happy to have found these ladies! It has really allowed me to get my product out there and meet some wonderful people.


 These two ladies know how to organize shows! They are always well organized, really take time to care about vendor placement, and the most important... awesome, friendly, and welcoming! I will always choose their shows first, they make selling at their shows fun and they know these two important words...PROMOTE and ADVERTISE! And they do it well. I can't recommend them enough, two amazing ladies that have become friends.  


 I have enjoyed working with Sarah and Jenn as a vendor in the last year and made so many connections with great people which enhanced my Norwex sales greatly....Vendor Fairs are a great way to reach people, plant the seed for the product/item you sell...it pays off, truly does...over 8000.00 in sales due to vendor fair connections! Looking forward to another great year with great people ..thanks for being fun to work with♡