About Us


Let Us Introduce Ourselves

 We launched our business in 2015, we originally just started running craft shows for fun. It was a time to get out, have some adult time and learn about so many amazing businesses. 

We decided in 2017 to turn our fun little side jobs into a real business. We worked diligently over the next few months and in 2018 became Hometown Vendors LLC. 

Our goal as a group of event planners is to join people locally to buy local and support the local community. We strive for perfection, professionalism and for our events to be the most beneficial to our vendors as possible.


All of our events have everything you could wish for, handmade items, home decor to skin care, make-up and more. We love to have a variety of businesses at our events so that we can reach everyone walking into our events regardless of age.


We hope for you to come out and support our businesses, and to see how wonderful our events are. 


Meet Sarah Wilhelm

The Hometown Vendors LLC events are put on by the owners, one is Sarah Wilhelm. Sarah has lived in Ohio her entire life and is passionate about supporting others in their businesses and watching them grow. Sarah also has a passion for Special Needs children. She spends some of her time volunteering with The Epilepsy Association and also A Special Wish Foundation here in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sarah is a mother of three and has been married for 10+ years. Sarah has an Associates Degree in the medical field. After years of working in this field Sarah decided this was not what she wanted to do. Sarah loves working with others and watching the positivity that comes with it. Sarah has years of experience with general management, event planning, accounting, customer service, public relations, advertising, and marketing.


Sarah's goal for Hometown Vendors LLC is to watch and see it grow, to watch all of the vendors who attend to have a wonderful experience and ultimately sell their goods and services to the local community. Hometown Vendors goal is pretty simple "Our goal as a group of event planners is to join people locally to buy local and support the local community." 


Meet Jennifer Mash-Skala

Hometown Vendors LLC other owner is Jennifer Mash-Skala. She has spent her entire life in Ohio and is passionate about helping others reach their business goals. Jennifer also has a passion for animals and Cleveland Sports.

Jennifer is a wife and mother of 5. She has an Associates Degree in Massotherapy and an Associates Degree in Healthcare Business Management. With years of experience in management, customer service, public relations, computer technology,  event planning, and communication designer, Jennifer loves working with others.

Jennifer's goal for Hometown Vendors LLC is to keep working and building on the foundation of the company by making each year better then the last.